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The concept of stretch wrapping as the name suggests entails the use of stretch-cling film. The stretchy film is stretched around
the product / carton. The film clings to the previous layer of film. The cycle keeps on repeating till the entire product / carton
is covered with film. Design to enable cylindrical products to be wrapped wit hLD / LDPE stretch film.
Stretch Wrapper
Robust Construction
Controllable cycle time
Safety features incorporated
Indigenous design
» User Friendly
» Easy manipulation of load to provide bi-directional wrapping
» Low power consumption

Variable speed

Industries like Computer components, Cosmetic items, Consumer goods, Domestic pumps, Electrical & Electronicgoods, Enginnering items, Food products, Garments, Handicrafts, Pharmaceutical cartoon boxes, Multiple industrial use.
Machine Dimension 560" x 31" x 83" (LxBxH)
Cartoon Size 30" x 30" x 30" Max.
Cartoon Weight 50 Kg. Max.
Wrapping Rate 20 to 70 Cartoon / hour
Power Consumption 750 Watt
Power Supply 220V AC.

*All Specification Subject To Change Without Notice.


Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Protection from dusts,mositure and foreign particle
Gives stability to the pack
Scratch resistant
Handling becomes easy and fast
» Economical mode of packing
» Preent telescroping of rolls
» Saving packaging labor & time
» Attractive packing for printed boxes, Better idenification

Low maintenance cost

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